maamu’s inspiration?????????

leak leak leak

leak leak leak

maamu’s cartoons reveal it all!!! steroids maamu???

the cartoon has shown what it takes to build up the physique…

maamu may have build up his great so called physiquie(braless rajni) but is his path being followed by his fans??

to build up a physique u need not do dat work-outs.the tatoos say it all..agreed maaamu has inspired lotz of youngsters to buldge their body and look gud but are youngsters following the same path?? or an easier one??

sudhar jao maamu!! it’s not too late!!



i am stuck in this far off college.far far off from my dear home.what can i say about this word-SUCKS. as my reporter friend from india tv would ask how do u feel?? one answer-SCREWED UP!!

its christmas eve in few hours from now.what am i doing?? sitting in room 115 of 3rd block hostels and blogging.unfortunately,this is my xmas gift.

somebody plz tell the authorities what is christmas all without enjoying a turkey with family is useless.xmas is the festival about love,sharing,giving& taking. if there is nowhere to go,noone to share or giveor take from- its a crap.

my xmas eve plans is as follows

10 am- get up

12 noon- lunch

1 pm-nap

6 pm-tea

8 pm- dinner

10 pm-good nite to xmas

this has to be the worst xmas anyone has ever celebrated -what is the word for it??