That’s Kerala! God’s own country! Listen to this Bamboo Music!

You Won’t Believe The Music That Can Be Made With ONLY Bamboo Until You Listen To This Village Band From Kerala –


delhi-6 music will go down as rahman sir’s best!!!

Outstanding. Bravo. Masterpiece.

Oh dear me, I run out of hyperboles for this one. Me, the sniggering Bitch that I am, how I defeat myself in praise of the music of ‘Dilli 6‘. Insanely addictive this!

If the frenetic pace of ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ did not let me savour the music, ‘Dilli 6‘ is making me crave for it like Guylian dark chocolate.

What am I, the music of this brilliant soundtrack has coated my acid tongue with a sugary layer I cannot rinse no matter how much mouthwash I gulp.

Screw me, here‘s the lowdown (high five)

Masakalli- Mohit Chauhan saala pee ke gaa raha hai. Gosh, he has the most nasheela voice. Just hear him tease ‘aye masakalli aye masakalli‘. Main toh matak gayi, matak gayi. Oh dreamy!

Bhor Bhaye-Hey bhagwaan! The first thing that strikes me is the full rush on from ‘Mughal-E-Azam‘ where the sabse Bade Ustad Ghulam Ali sang ‘Shubh Din Aayo‘ and ‘Prem Jogan Ke Sundari Pi Ko Chali‘ based on classical sohni and rageshree ragas.

Back then, when Lata and Rafi got under 500 rupees for a song, he demanded 25k for each gem he dropped from his gilded throat. Now when chhote Bade Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan clears his throat though the gramophone, it‘s like the needle pinned on my heart strings. He‘s priceless!

Lata Mangeshkar will felicitate Shreya Ghoshal as her successor after she hears her on this track. That girl was born to replace Lata for playback singing. Rahman Sir, for his one pure number, you can have my soul.

Noor- Amitabh Bachchan will always be part of any Rakeysh Mehra film. So here he orates a Prasoon Joshi couplet in a bid to crown Joshi the next king of poet-lyricist in hindi cinema. The Bitch isn‘t ready for that yet. Especially after the tripe Joshi made me sit through ‘Ghajini‘s‘ music.

Aarti (Tumre Bhavan Mein)- The first strains of this bhajan will remind you of ‘Eshwar Allah‘ from ‘Earth‘, that Deepa Mehta underrated film score. Every time the sitar chords are struck, and the pooja thaali musical instruments like the mini bell and the cymbals ring, you will be ushered in closer to your spiritual calling. I know the last sentence sounds maudlin, but hey, the Bitch has a spiritual side too! But of course in the film, a bevy of ‘karva chauth‘ ready women will be singing this number so there.

Genda Phool- Awesome! How do you blend a ‘sasural ki kahani‘ with a techno tune and groove? You use the catchiest hook and ask Rekha Bharadwaj to bring on the earthy vocal croon. What Ila Arun is to folk, Rekha Bharadwaj is to folk jazz. Ila is raw, Rekha is polish. I want to see them come together for a duet someday. If ‘Mere piya gaye Rangoon‘ was to be remixed, Rahman is the man for it. This song proves it.

Dil Gira Dafatan- Sparkling! Even the instruments light up like a stream of bulbs is cascading down the valley of your romantic dreams. I swear to god, everything in this song is lit by your febrile imaginations. Remember the lone diya travelling in that round boat in the song ‘Dil hai chota sa‘ in Roja? Now imagine that song got a high voltage shot by the under currents of ‘Dill 6‘. New find Ash King‘s simmering tempo is matched scale by scale with every instrument that joins in this symphony. Once the acoustic riffs begin there is no looking back. Yeh haseen waadiyan, yeh khula aasman, aa gaye hum kahan, aye mere Rahman miya.

Hey Kaala Bandar- “Everyone is looking for the monkey out there,” a singer screams. I think this one is about the monkey man scare in Delhi some moons ago. Prasoon pens how promises are like peanuts; we chew on them for a song. I am willing to overlook this quaint number in the soundtrack because it‘s situational. God bless Rahman who found his cackle of monkeys to chatter and humor him with this kaala track.

Rehna Tu- Jokes apart, when Rahman sings, ‘Mujhe teri baarish mein bheegna hai‘, I couldn‘t help myself wondering if we are thinking about the same golden shower! Prasoon Joshi no. A lounge jazz track, this one is a mood pill after those tipple flavoured nods to the flagon bearer. There are sounds on this track you‘ve never heard before and no it‘s not the alcohol working this time, it‘s Rahmania at work.

Delhi 6- Wakao! Suno sadda dilli da techno/synth hip-hop, rip-rap, ekdum chhup chaap. Kya bolti? ‘Yeh delhi hai mere yaar, bas ishq-mohabbat-pyar‘ Baaki sab iss gaane ke baad.

Arziyaan- Qawalli is Rahman‘s forte. Using Kailash Kher and Javed Ali as props to sing it can only elevate the music to a divine level of arzi. Maula will have to listen, if not the arzi, the musical way of requesting. Wah Rahman!

Last year Rahman gave the best (Jodhaa Akbar-Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) and worst (Ghajini). He‘s started this year with the best (Dilli 6). I do not want the year to end on a bad note. Please Rahman, do not overwork this year.