Why IM is the pet terrorist group of the RSS

Interesting Article, Read it and Make your Own Conclusion


You would have read my previous piece on how RSS has infiltrated key organs of the state. A result of this has been the breeding of an organisation which creates acts attributable to a terrorist group called Indian Mujahideen.

Popularly known as IM, this entity seems, of late, to strike very conveniently when required by the RSS’s election plans.

Recent history

Consider the recent past.


A bomb goes off at a railway station. Some people, tragically, die.

Coincidentally, this is the day a certain leader with Z+ is holding a rally later in the day in the same city.

Coincidentally, during the said leader’s rally a series of bombs go off on the periphery of the venue. No one is hurt, thankfully. And we are told, after the speech is over and the crowd dispersed, there was a bomb under the leaders dias.

Now let’s examine the series…

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