Quintessential Indian Youth

Once, Sir Mohammad Iqbal cherished to awaken the youth from their slumber as,

God bring you acquainted with

some storm,

No billow in your sea breaks in


And never from books can you

Be weaned

Which you declaim not comprehend

Now, that call is heard, understood and applied by today’s youth

So we raise the question, who represents the Indian youth?

Boy walking down the brigade road or a young woman draped in a cotton saree teaching the new young generation

Who can forget an angelic soul’s body ridden with bullets struggling hard for life and death in a London hospital at such a tender age? Yes, I am talking about young teen activist Malala Yousuf Zai

Gone are the days when youngsters were the natural obedient descendants of their ancestors. Today’s youth have independent idealistic approach towards life and with their unshaken determination and grit, they want to recognize and be recognized. Now, they have learnt their own principles and experiences.

In the words of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Age considers, youth ventures; Youth seem to be on a crusade against corruption, terrorism, woman molestation and injustice in all walks of life. This evolved mindset is witnessed even in political tempo of our nation. The Indian Indian Youthpolitics can be thought beyond the eras of ‘bhaiyajis’ with their guns, goons and gypsies.

This energetic stuff has modified modernization towards livelihood. They are really breaking the traditional stereotype of lucrative jobs in high profile offices We have seen emerging entrepreneurs in all areas of work. We have ample number of brave hearts who have broken the shackles and unfurled the trail of excellence.(From flipkart, redbus to Varun Aggarwal of Alma Mater)

Many of them have left indelible mark in their specialized arena.

Apart from their matter of survival, youth is desperate to break the shackles of servility, numbness to injustice and divisiveness. They are the individuals who have self psychotherapy. Every individual wants to live on the words of historian James Truslons Adams, “Life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. Everyone has a right to prosper, succeed through hard work, innovation and excellence.”

Many of the grey beards might doubt that these technocrats, IT geeks, virtually impulsive robotics hippies, who are rebellious, open-minded, bindass, are good for nothing or they might find absurdity in our logics. But in my coup-de-grace, I would like to cite the example of Youth Brigade of Ahmedabad who is reviving the lost Gandhian era.

Rather than casting blame on government, bureaucrats and concerned authorities, they themselves are taking initiative with the help of commoners. They are resolved and endured to re-establish the immorality of Indian saga. These vibrant or uprising throng is acting like a fundamental who don’t want to be uprooted from the secured womb of their foster mother and on the contrary they want to be ethnocentric and exponent by shifting from the realm of ordinary into the heights of the extraordinary, and walk among the best whoever lived.

These harbingers in their clarion are singing profound song as

“Youth is like a fire,

It spurts a spark at first,

Growing into a flame,

Then brightening into a pledge”


This is my dream of a quintessential Indian Youth


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