The unfortunate choice between the Dumbs- Indian Politics

I oppose both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister of India… But, there are some fundamental difference between my disliking and opposition for these two people.

When I think of Narendra Modi , tthe emotions that swirl in my mind are that of “anger, alarm, aversion, cruelty, or even hatred and disgust.” All of these are DESTRUCTIVE EMOTIONS.

But, when I think of Rahul Gandhi, then the emotion that comes in my mind are “Pity, doubt, disappointment, or maybe even humour or embarrassment.” Though all of these emotions are negative, but they are not at least destructive..

Though I find it insulting to be foreced to make a choice between ONLY these two, but, I think it would be more prudent to make a choice in favor of a person who arouses negative but non-destructive emotions rather than in favor of the one who arouses negative and destructive emotions…

And it is for this reason that I oppose the attempts of many people, who appear to be a clandestine supporter of Narendra Modi, to invariably talk about Rahul Gandhi whenever they have to say something negative about Narendra Modi (as if, even with all his shortcomings, he is at least better than Rahul Gandhi and to imply that we have only these two alternatives…)

There is a QUALITATIVE difference between why NaMo is undesirable and why RaGa is undesirable.

But, sometimes I feel that this qualitative difference between them might not be as fundamental as it appears.

If you remove some of the external features (like his aggressive body language etc.) and the effect of his personal past (like his association with the RSS, his abominable legacy of being associated with Gujarat roits etc.), I think Narendra Modi, at least at the personal level, will be as dumb (or maybe even more) as Rahul Gandhi… (I get this impression from his repeated fumbling with the historical facts, his ‘puppy comparison’, comparing the risk-taking capabilities of soldiers and traders etc. etc.)…

It is such a great irony of today’s India that the Prime Ministerial candidate of the two largest parties are both equally dumb, but the one, along with being dumb, is divisive and deeply indoctrinated into the fascist ideology… A ‘bigoted dumb’ is much more dangerous and undesirable than an ‘innocent dumb’…


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