Reliance and Swiss Bank: Nothing wrong in having swiss accounts

Reliance Industries Swiss bank account has been in the news for the last two years. It has again picked up steam with the newly formed party leader making it a political concern. Is it just a rhetoric? Is it a dangerous rhetoric?

I still don’t understand what’s wrong in having a Swiss bank account. Most of the MNC that operates in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America (Venezuela, Brasil, in particular), Cuba in Caribbean do need to have an account with Swiss authorities/banks in order to conduct business. It also becomes mandatory for businesses that are primarily into Oil and Gas. Lot of paperless, trail less money needs to be paid at various levels to get work done. In oil and gas business they are nicknamed as “environmental taxes” and “hardship taxes”. MNCs use the money routed through Swiss authorities for the same.

Reliance definitely would be having undisclosed accounts with Swiss authorities to conduct their business. There is nothing wrong with that.  Its time some people stopped playing the crony capitalist card to the theatres. Just because they are easy picky targets, doesn’t mean you just rely up the anger of public against them. Who are this people supporting? What are their hidden motives? What are their connections? This seriously needs to be questioned and examined


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