Excerpts from an Interview: Converting life adversity to profitable ventures: Always feel at home, Your New Crew is just a subscription away


In an interview to Hult Review , Ms. Gemma Pirnie, the brain behind Your new Crew speaks about how an adversity in her life gave her an idea to start up this enterprise and how she is facing off the challenges in the new start up.
Some of the excerpts from the interview:

How did you get the idea for Your New Crew? Tell us more about the start up

After graduating from Hult I was working on a differHult Reviews ent tech based startup whilst applying for graduate jobs.  The jobs that I was applying for, were all based back in London (I’m based in Scotland) or in other cities where I had no friends. This was slightly concerning to me but simultaneously as the graduate market is so competitive, I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn a job down and would have to relocate! ….

How does Your New crew differentiate from other Meet-Up companies?

Your New Crew is different from other “meet-up” companies as we are specifically for graduates/young professionals, we organise all the events for our members and we aim to Your New Crew started by Hult Alumni, Hult Reviewsorganise events that our members couldn’t organise themselves. For example our last event was a beer journey with Innis & Gunn a local brewer and Chef Neil Forbes an award-winning Scottish chef who matched food to each beer; this was a one-off event open only to Your New Crew members. Therefore our events always have a bit of an ice-breaker that allow our members to try something/somewhere new whilst also giving them the opportunity to mix and meet new people – that’s why the events are termed “speakeasies” after the prohibition bars, exciting, laid back and fun!

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey?

Everything takes a lot longer than you think it will/want it to.  
The things that you thought would make or break your company, like the web-design, don’t matter at all in the end!
Keep Telling lots of people about your idea, you’ve no idea where it will lead.
Get into social media early, be relevant and build a following/follow the influencers in your industry.
Don’t give up.

Catch the full interview on the hult review website

Full Interview

@yournewcrew                     facebook.com/yournewcrew                  www.yournewcrew.com


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