rakhi sawant with free silicon..bach sako to bach lo..

No extra cost for the Silicon.

Want to marry Rakhi Sawant?

Only retards, psychopaths and the socially challenged need apply. Once you clear this criterion you can now slug it out with a whole bunch of losers much like yourself on national television. Then proceed to having yourself humiliated and maybe even voted out by the audience or worse be stuck with this belligerent chick for kingdom come. Ok, stuck at least till one of the two finds a great divorce lawyer.

Rakhi says, ‘she hopes that God (by which she means the television producers) will help her find a mate‘. Believe me; God had nothing to do with this sordid plan.

From assaulting lovers on national television to being mauled herself by a seeming incoherent Mika; Rakhi Sawant is our very own, home grown ‘Queen of TV Trash‘.

Her Antics of ‘Big Boss‘ and then the third rate dance show ‘Nach Baliye‘, had an entire nation of bored housewives, their slightly dull children and flabbergasted servants hooked!

Subtlety is not what got her famous and a discerning audience is not what made her rich. And why break the absurd winning streak with quality programming?
This sleaze fest will see fifteen bachelors vying for her attention and shall gradually be weeded out. Till the lone ranger remains standing and Rakhi and he shall walk into the sunset hand in hand… on national television! Sure, this kinda programming happens all the time in other countries and as is the grand tradition of Indian Television… we must follow blindly.

As long as the advertisers are queuing up and the TRP‘s are in place, who cares of morality?

Just as the media‘s attention had started to wane from Ms Sawant, she pulls out the ultimate trump card.

But, maybe this is her swan song. Maybe she really does want to retire and become a home maker. Maybe she does want some decent bloke to make an honest woman out of her. BUT, there‘s no reason to not milk it for all it‘s worth. Roll Cameras!

The producers should throw in ten years of couple‘s counseling along with Rakhi‘s fat pay cheque.

Honestly, I do hope she finds a decent chap. But any boy who‘s looking forward to taking her from the show sets to meet his mommy, would sure know a thing or two about putting the ‘Fun‘ in Disfunctional!


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