delhi 6- ditch it!!

It is another Friday, and we have “as expected”, another flop from the Bachchan Parivaar. Mathematically anything multiplied by zero is zero. Lil C, the “Kala Bandar”, is that zero in Bollywood, unfortunately he negates ROM’s efforts & Sonam Kapoor’s lovely presence, and turns Dilli Ka 6 into a forgettable experience. The film has no story or a central arch which one can follow. Even the songs in the movie seem wasted. I recommend that you download these songs and enjoy them independent of the movie.

The movie had the potential of being better than RDB, but it squanders its opportunity. For all his undeniable talent, I do not think that Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has the ability to see the whole forest because he is so focused on the leaves. The details, independent of the whole movie, are brilliant even in Dilli Ka 6, unfortunately they do not come together in a satisfying or even a coherent manner. In this regard, Amir “Obama” Khan is missed, who is the single actor/filmmaker in Bollywood who could have stitched up this mess and made it into a “complete” movie capable of grabbing the audience by their collar. Simplifying a complex narrative into a palatable but interesting spoonful is Amir Obama’s forte. I think a ROM/Amir combo would have better organized the Raamleela/Kala Bander within the narrative, they would have made the movie into a qualified contender.

In its present format, the pitch of Dilli Ka 6 is aimed at the NRIs. I do not think those that live within the system can critique or even evaluate it objectively; personal experience is bound to interfere. Alas this opportunity is also wasted thanks to DK6’s zero hero, Lil C. Note how Lil C is incapable of breaking loose of the ensemble around him in the manner that Amir Obama did in a similar situation in RDB. Very few movies can recover from its lead hero’s inability to rise up and shine. In Dilli Ka K6, from Om Puri to Pawan Malhotra to Vijay Raaz to Sonam Kapoor, everyone and everybody outperforms Lil C. Throughout his career, Lil C has shown no ability to go toe to toe with any decent actor. Almost anyone can pull the rug from under his feet. DK6 suffers on account of Lil C poor acting talent. An ensemble movie can ill afford a weak link like Lil C. Nonetheless what kills Dilli Ka 6 is Lil C bad accent; perhaps he grew up in Queens, NY in a Desi Ghetto along with the transient computer jocks.

I never believed that I would live to say that I liked Swades. I liked SRK in that movie. I liked quite a few things about Swades, but AG and his preachy tone turned me off. It could have been a super hit, but for the peachiness and its stalker heroine. Fortunately it earned enough to qualify for an above average status at the BO. BUT, after watching Dilli Ka 6, I think I appreciate Swades a lot more. Dilli Ka 6 makes Swades seem like an all time classic.

The future of Dilli Ka 6 (like the future of the Kala Bandar, Lil C) at the box office is bleak. Nonetheless, let us reveal to you some other expected developments. Henceforward ROM will not be considered a “cutting edge” director anymore by the Bachchnistas . Likewise post “Ravan” Mani Ratnam will also be the poster child of ridicule. ONLY those directors that are willing to take the risk and work with Lil C and or Amitabh Doodhwala are considered “premium grade” directors by the Bachchanistas. Post Dlli Ka 6 and Ravan, director Balki will be praised, and genuine oracles of talent like K Jo and Adi will be as usual denounced because they REFUSE to work with Lil C.

One would think after yet another flop, Lil C would quit, but don’t get your hopes too high. Lil C’s father, the Big B has not given a solo hero hit since the early 80s. No solo hero hit in approx 25 years. If the father is comfortable eroding his Ms. Indira Gandhi gifted legacy, do you think the son would be any less comfortable dishing out flops ? Shame is not something that the Bachchan Parivaar or the Bachchanistas possess. Hence the question is not whether Lil C will quit, but when will trASH dump Lil C and return to Salman Khan?

Now that we have buried Dilli Ka 6, let us move on, mourning for more than three days is not good anyways. 2009 is ahead of us, the best is yet to come. My Name is Khan and 3 Idiots is still awaiting us. MNIK will definitely please you.


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