sush ko dulha mil gaya??

Is Mudassar Aziz merely a pawn in Sushmita’s career pursuits?

In our society, so unyielding in their resistance to multiple relationships, Sushmita Sen has got the luck to be still revered and looked up as a woman of substance, charismatic, strong blah blah.

No doubt about it, that with her height and weight, she will be nothing less than very strong and sturdy. However, that being a different issue altogether, after her innumerable relationships, and breaking countless hearts, reports say that cupid has finally struck this coquette.

It is learnt that her latest beau Mudassar Aziz, is fortunate enough to have been taken by Sushmita to Kolkata, to meet her folks, after getting entry in her bedroom a couple of months back.

What is to be seen is, if this girl, who is scared of commitment and emotional entanglement, ends up marrying him.

Seeing them as a jodi, the Bitch feels, they look better as a brother sister duo, rather than a romantic couple. Sushmita being taller, heftier and stouter than him, comes across as his protective badi didi, or a body guard, like Piggy was to Abhishek, in ‘D-Rona‘.

One man after the other-Vikram Bhatt, Sanjay Narang, Manav Menon, Bunty Sachdeva, and Randeep Hooda, The Bitch has lost count of the numbers and the order in which her relationships progressed.

‘Dastak‘ bombed at the box office, so very smartly, she moved out of her relationship with Vikram Bhatt, into the arms of restaurateur Sanjay Narang.

After a while, when she realized that she is gaining nothing but weight in this relationship, she put an end to it and within a couple of days started seeing ad-film maker Manav Menon, and very soon thereafter we heard that she is no more with Manav, and is now romancing Bunty Sachdeva.

Randeep Hooda was also a part of her life sometime in between but when and how it started and ended…well The Bitch is confused.

Someone told the Bitch that Randeep is still waiting for Sushi to get back to his life while the rest are busy nursing their broken heart.

The latest news is that she is serious about Mudassar, but if she will dump him after the release of ‘Dulha Mil Gaya‘ is the million dollar question.

Meanwhile, Mudassar has already declared that he wants to cast Sushmita in the lead role in all his films.

The Bitch wishes Mudassar luck in advance to deal with his ordeal, which may strike him very soon.


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