torturous sallu!!!

Salman Khan decides to torture us with his organ

Salman is under the misconception that the audience will lap up whatever he throws at them.

After churning out disasters like ‘Partner‘, ‘Babul‘, ‘Heroes‘, ‘Jaan-E-Mann‘, ‘Yuvvraaj‘ and forthcoming ‘London Dreams‘ and ‘Veer‘, this Jack of all trades and master of none is all set to compose music with the assistance of Sajid-Wajid-the wannashines.

Sallu bhai, just coz you have money, does not mean you can produce music with it. You acted, we kept mum, you sang, we didn‘t complain, you danced, we endured that too, you wrote the script of ‘Veer‘ and we will face that too, but now you want to haunt us with your haunting tunes.

Poor Sajid Wajid have to relent, given the fact that Salman has given the duo their much desired break in acting in one of his films, and is largely responsible for promoting them as music directors.

After the catastrophic ‘Chandi Ki Daal Per Sone Ka Mor Sone Ka Mor, Taak Jhaak Taak, Kare Neeche Ka Chor‘ what kind of music will he compose?

‘Aaja main gufaon mein darane le chaloon …‘ Ha ha! The Bitch doesn‘t want to go further with this cave man.

After interfering with Sajid Wajid‘s compositions in ‘Partner‘ and forcing them to make changes in the music which were technically incorrect, he repeated that with Anil Sharma while he was directing ‘Veer‘.

Can you guess the reason why his films flop? Too much taak-jhaak.

Sallu, you need to sit and introspect first and decide what you are good at. Since you have failed to prove yourself in acting, and needless to say that music isn‘t your forte either, it is better you stick to painting.

No one will understand what you paint, and in the name of abstract art you‘ll be considered a master. Hail Sallu!


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