slugfest-sajid farah and ashutosh

The slugfest reaches the award function

We are waiting with bated breath to watch the infamous brawl between Ashutosh Gowrikar and Sajid Khan, which took place at the Star Screen Awards 2009.

But here‘s a first from The Bitch.

The Bitch is absolutely clueless about what makes Sajid Khan a popular choice, when it comes to select an anchor for events and award functions. The guy who openly claims with pride and delight, that he is rude and has no respect for women, is scared of commitment…should confront The Bitch for once.

Right from the outset of his career, he has been taking jabs at all and sundry. What is his credibility? That he is Farah Khan‘s brother?

At the awards function, right from the beginning, he had been making fun of everyone. Ashutosh Gowrikar, who has churned out few of the best films lately, wasn‘t spared too. He was manner less enough to interrupt him even in the thanks giving speech.

And when Ashutosh protested by asking him to shut his mouth, he said no one can ever shut him up, as mocking at others is the style that is ollowed in Hollywood too.

Well Sajid, when was the last time you mocked your badi didi? Why will he? Afterall it is because of her that this useless chap is hanging around in Bollywood.
What does Farah Khan have to say on this? It was she who reminded Ashutosh about the protocol followed at the Oscars.

Who are Farah Khan and Sajid Khan to decide what should be replicated from phoren awards? And why is that only a particular set of people are targeted?

If that is the protocol, as Farah Khan said, then why are KJo, Shahrukh, Farah Khan and Kajol spared?

The Bitch completely agrees with Ashutosh, when he says there is a difference between being humourous and making fun of others at the expense of bordering on rudeness.

The bro-sis duo have come on the telly tube to challenge anyone who thinks they should not be allowed to make fun of the rest. Enough guys, give us some seriously good films, and we will all shut up!


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