saif-puri se paani!!!

Saif Ali Khan gave all his family and friends a scare when he was hospitalized on Christmas Eve. But today (December 26), he is well on his way to recovery.

Speaking from his hospital bed at Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital, Saif said, “I’ve almost recovered now. I’m going home tomorrow (Dec 27). It was nothing, really. I returned from Philadelphia from the shooting of Rensil D’Silva’s film on 23rd night. And since I was missing all the Mumbai ka khana, I gorged indiscriminately on local junk food- Sev puri, bhelpuri, paani puri…puri ki puri fauj went into my stomach.”

So wasn’t he frightened when his stomach started acting up on him? “Not at all. It was gastroenteritis. Yes, I’ve been in hospital twice in the recent past. Once it was just appendicitis. And the other time it was far more serious. After going through what I did the last time I’m hardly going to get scared by a little stomach infection.”

Chuckles Saif, “Actually it’s much less scary than it looks. I’ve got a drip coming out of my hand, so that makes it look kind of serious. But it’s nothing. I’m fine. Just a little sleepy. In fact, Kareena and I are going on our holiday to the mountains as planned.”


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