perfectionist-maamu so gaya tha kya???

 Ghajini p
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :

A R Murugadoss
A. R. Rahman
Prasoon Joshi and Pravin Mani

Aamir Khan, Asin and Jiah Khan

Ghajini Movie Review
December 25, 2008 2:38:29 PM IST
By Martin D’Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view GHAJINI videos

view GHAJINI videos


Aamir Khan takes great pains to promote his movies, whether he is the producer, director or even an actor. I don’t know the financial stake he has in A R Murugadoss’ GHAJINI, but the way he has gone about promoting the movie, it appears as if it’s his production or direction. But then, he is Aamir the perfect perfectionist. So it would be in line to first highlight the technical flaws in the screenplay, which leaves you asking many questions

  • Like for instance, why is the death of the police officer, tracking down Aamir who is on a killing spree, not investigated?
  • Also, he (the police officer) is locked up in Aamir’s house for at least a day if not more, why did no one in the force miss him?
  • Also, with the help of just one bus ticket, after the first killing, how come the said police officer ‘zeroes in’ quicker than the Scotland Yard on the right conductor of the BEST bus, who even knows where Aamir boards the bus from?
  • Also, what happens to the chaddi advertisement, Aamir (Sanjay) agrees to do for Asin (Kalpana). Now here is the Chairman of Air Voice, a mobile company, has not anyone seen him in the ad? Moreover, Asin is blissfully unaware of his ‘super rich’ status even though she claims to be his girlfriend. When he goes for the shoot, the film breaks into a song in Namibia, with the much-talked about six looks of Aamir. Was it a dream sequence, or were the audience dreaming?
  • And how come Jiah Khan, who plays a medical student, easily comes upon Aamir’s medical file, wherein, the movie introduces Aamir and his medical problem – that of ‘Short Term Memory Loss’. More importantly, the doctor taking the class knows that Aamir’s is also a police case, so how come when he is arrested trying to kill Jiah, the police have no records about him.
  • Also, when Jiah Khan is trying to figure out what happened after June 2006 to Aamir, she goes to an archive that stores newspapers when all she had to do is ‘Google’ the names Sanjay and Kalpana!!
  • Why do Asin and Aamir travel by bus on New Year‘s eve night when they can wear such expensive clothes and afford an auto ride home? I‘ll let that one pass. Auto strike.How does Aamir find the villain‘s house when he has only the chap‘s mugshot and his special 15 minute memory to bank on? This one is total hindi film haan.

    Why do the villain‘s henchmen shoot before they can see who they want to shoot?

    When did guys start keeping diaries? Aamir does in the film!

    Which model‘s only ambition in life is to buy 3 sarkari Ambassador cars? Asin‘s is!

    Why don‘t these lovers ever hold hands, or even kiss, forget making out? Beats me that they live circa 2006!

    Why does the hero leave his phone in the car when the damsel in distress is calling him? Someone in the audience shouted, ‘Hindi film drama baba‘.

    Lessons to be learned from the film.

    Heroines with silky shampoo hair toss and turn and look over their shoulders a lot, especially at the hero, and they sometimes wink for love. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

    Villains are to be killed exactly the same way they killed the hero‘s sweetheart. Yaad dila dila ke maro. Somebody‘s gotta pay!

    Bollywood actors migrating to a South Indian film set up will have to wear weird combination of technicolor clothes for song sequences. If they want to style themselves like Yash Birla, nothing like it. Super!

  • Finally, when RAB NE BANA DE JODI released two weeks ago, the ushers and staff at Big Cinemas, Wadala, sported the GHAJINI haircut, like many from other multiplexes. The least they could have done, or Aamir could have looked into, was to see that the look was maintained at the time of release as well and all through the week. Their hair has grown and the trademark lines on the scalp have been buried!

I’m sure Aamir would like to look into these flaws, or again, knowing the perfectionist that he is, he is aware and since this is a typical masala Bollywood film, he has let it be.

subah ho gayi maamu-sudhar ja!!

chandaa maamu so gaye

suraj chachu jaage re

subah ho gayi maamu!!!

kitne sike jode yeh chinta hai maamu ko

bank maine kitna maal hai bus yehi matlab hai maamu ko

kasie haste jahai jab koi rota hai

kisi ka dil jo toda woh kasie sota hai

subah ho gayi maamu!!

sudhar jao!!


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