I learned…… that I cannot demand the love of nobody. I can only give good reasons so that they like me and to have patience so that the life makes the remaining portion; … that it does not matter how much certain things are important for me, have people that it does not give the minim and will never obtain to convince them; … that I can pass years constructing a truth and destroy it in only some seconds. I learned…… that I can use my charm per only 15 minutes, after this, necessary to know of that I am speaking; … that I can make something in one minute and to have that to answer therefore the remaining portion of the life; … that no matter how hard you cut a bread in slices, this bread continue having two faces, and the same valley for that we cut of our way. I learned…… that he goes to delay very to transform me into the person that I want to be and I must have patience; … that I can go beyond the limits that proper I placed myself; … that I need to choose between controlling my thought or to be controlled for it. I learned…… that the heroes are people who make what they find that they must make independently at that moment, of the fear that feels; … that to pardon he demands much practical; … that he has much people who like me, but he does not obtain to express this. I learned…… that at the moments most difficult, the aid came exactly of that person who I found that I would go to try to get worse my life; I learned… … that I can be furious, having the right to annoy me, but I do not have the right of being cruel. I learned…… that the word “LOVE” loses the direction, when used without criterion; … that certain people go even so in any way; … that she is difficult to trace a line between being gentile, not to wound the people, and to know to fight for the things that I believe. If we To learn together some things, everything would be more easy… certain things really I already I learned… others… still… I am not trying… what valley is the intention… William Shakespeare


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