i am stuck in this far off college.far far off from my dear home.what can i say about this word-SUCKS. as my reporter friend from india tv would ask how do u feel?? one answer-SCREWED UP!!

its christmas eve in few hours from now.what am i doing?? sitting in room 115 of 3rd block hostels and blogging.unfortunately,this is my xmas gift.

somebody plz tell the authorities what is christmas all without enjoying a turkey with family is useless.xmas is the festival about love,sharing,giving& taking. if there is nowhere to go,noone to share or giveor take from- its a crap.

my xmas eve plans is as follows

10 am- get up

12 noon- lunch

1 pm-nap

6 pm-tea

8 pm- dinner

10 pm-good nite to xmas

this has to be the worst xmas anyone has ever celebrated -what is the word for it??



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