article written by shaan khan.

Ghajini, a blend of sambhar & rubdi with chunks of boogers.

Posted by Shaan Khan on December 22, 2008

Ever since I promised a few friend that I will recite a few lines from Haribhari Chatpati’s last but incomplete poem, they have been pestering me with emails on a daily basis. So here goes nothing. The few lines that I am about to recite is not as popular as the same poet’s “Rail Gaadi”, infact most people don’t even know of the existence of this poem. Try to sing it with the same enthusiasm as Ashok Bimar did “Rail Gaadi”.

Maamu Ke Mummeh Dus Kilo Ke Hai
Maamu Ke Mummeh Bees Kilo Ke Hai
Maamu Ke Mummeh Keetne Kilo Ke Hai
Bolo Re Bolo Maamu Ke Mummeh Keetne Kilo Ke Hai

The above few lines form a trick question, don’t even try answering it because Maamu’s left Mummah (the one that points towards south west) is smaller than Maamu’s right Mummah (the one that points towards south east). But, be warned,

Hai Goozarish Ke Aaap Na Jaao Pass Pass
Because Maamu Ke Mummeh Hai Fail Fail

Yes you heard it here first. The movie is a cluster bomb. Allow me to put it this way, take one cup of spicy sambhar and pour it like the illustrious British chef Shaan Khan of the Rajput (a different Shaan Khan not me), into a large bowl. Add to that bowl, four large table spoons of sweet Punjabi Rubdi. Now insert you index finger in your nostril and pull out a few boogers. Add the boogers to the bowl, and stir it with the same index finger that you had inserted in your nostrils. After stiring for few minutes, taste the blend. If you like it, you will like Ghajini, the braless Rajni.

As far as I am concerned, I have begun to like sambhar (ever since I found the secret to making an awesome sambhar) by itself or with Iddly. I also like Rubdi, although my trainer forbids me to eat it. But I cannot tolerate them blended together. Furthermore I am not into boogers. Unfortunately Ghajini has too many boogers. Hence those that are adventurous enough to try this bizarre blend of sambhar and rubdi, please watch out for the boogers. I say, it is best to stay away. Maamu Ke Mummeh is flop flop.


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