baby asin on maamu’s boobs

baby asin taking abode

Asin in the above picture from Ghajini, the braless Rajni, looks like an innocent child sleeping on her mother’s large chest after suckling her breast and having her fill.

Amir, the perfectionist, poses like a perfect voluptuous Aphrodite, resting after feeding her child. One always admires Amir Obama for his risk taking ability. Once again in Ghajini, the braless Rajni, Amir is making a very risky attempt to bring South Indian icon, Rajnikanth’s style and sensibilities to main stream Bollywood. So be ready to see Amir Obama as Rajnikanth.

Whether he will succeed or not is not clear. Seeing Amir Obama’s bulky & flappy bare breast (Man Boobs), people have renamed the movie, “Maamu ke Mummeh”. It appears that Amir Obama has risen to his level of incompetence.


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